The Twitter page posts photos of amazing creatures you’ve never heard of; Top 10 | Biodiversity

The Twitter page posts photos of amazing creatures you've never heard of;  Top 10 |  Biodiversity

From the snub-nosed monkey to the blue bee to the pink-necked green dove, Earth is home to a variety of fascinating and unusual species — and you probably haven’t even heard of many of them. Although technology allows us to travel to far-flung places and encounter creatures in nature, we still have little to explore the unknown.

To bring you a little closer to our rich planet BiodiversityO Non-Twitter Profile ‘Weird Animals’ Publishing photos of unusual and “strange” animals. Its purpose is to highlight the wonders of evolution and the extraordinary diversity of life.

Check out the top 10 photos:

#1: Fluffy-nosed monkey from Burma. They hide when it rains because it makes them sneeze.

Monkey – Photo: Reconstruction/Twitter

#2: The potoo is a crazy bird native to Central and South America.

Bird – Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

#3: The Patagonian Mara from Argentina looks like a rabbit or small deer, but is actually a large rodent.

Mara – Photo: Reconstruction/Twitter

#4: Amazing photo of a female blue bee from Australia.

Blue Bee – Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

#5: Bright colors of the Southeast Asian Pink-necked Green Pigeon.

Green Pigeon – Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

#6: The vaquita is an endangered small porcupine from the Gulf of California. Only 12 left.

Vaquita – Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

#7: The Black-nosed Valai is a rare breed from Switzerland.

Valais – Photo: Reconstruction/Twitter

#8: An arctic fox in the process of transitioning from a summer “coat” to a winter one.

Fox – Photo: Playback / Twitter

#9: Caracal, also known as desert lynx.

Caracal cat – Photo: Reproduce/Twitter

#10: Flipping the image of the bats upside down makes them look like they’re dancing!

Bats – Photo: Reproduction / Twitter

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