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G20 marks “Treaty of Venice“A” historic “agreement to end tax evasion, which has been a competition for the taxation of multinational corporations for decades, becomes unfair competition and significantly reduces the taxes they pay. Years later, at least 15% of the G20’s Italian presidency, according to the OECD and the G7’s green light. Rate rates and the imposition of taxes on the profits of multinational corporations in the countries where they operate – with the support of countries that represent 90% of the world’s GDP, to the point where they appear in favorable revenues.

“The Venice Agreement will mark it,” said Paulo Gentiloni, EU Commissioner for Economic Affairs, underscoring the commitment of the Italian president to the G20 and the rise from the US: “The world is ready to end the race,” said Janet Yellen, secretary of the Treasury. There are still seven countries in question, three of which are European, Ireland, Hungary and Estonia. Franco and Gentiloni are confident as talks resume in the Eurozone next Monday – finally “they will be on board”, the EU commissioner says. The financial burden on subscribers is to “put pressure” on three people, summarizing Franco with confidence. Many details that complicate the negotiations are still missing: the minimum tax rate that France and others want to exceed 15%, and the share of profits to be redistributed to be redistributed (between 20 and 30): the OECD on October 30 and 31 from the G20 heads of state and the Member of Parliament for G20 by 2023. 20 Understanding the details accurately means moving forward with finances. While the tax authorities were the main resource for the meeting, the weather was also on the agenda of the two-day meeting at Arsenal. “We have a multi-lane roadmap in sustainable finance to tackle climate change, but beyond that, even if we think about the sustainability of our economy,” says Ignacio Visco, governor of the Bank of Italy. Global cooperation. A relevant passage from the Veneto summit is that ministers and governors have agreed to “use a mechanism for pricing CO2 emissions and incentives”: for some time now, IM2F has been promoting alternative sources that cost $ 75 a ton today against three. One point in favor of the EU will go straight to its ‘Fit for 55’ plan next week, which aims to halve emissions by 2030 and raise the critical issue of the ‘carbon border adjustment mechanism’. Co2 imported.

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“We will prioritize accelerating the supply of vaccines, diagnoses, and treatments, especially in underdeveloped countries, and we will provide” rapid response to new variants, “followed by the reading of the eight-page G20 Statement. The International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization (WTO) task force must respond to the pandemics with “urgently need to be better prepared,” and then there are variants such as Delta, which threatens a better recovery situation, which is why landlord Franco, along with Visco, “needs” withdrawal and “withdrawal support”. Underlining the G20’s commitment to continue with financial and financial assistance measures.

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