“The Town”, Polar O’Care

"The Town", Polar O'Care

It’s an old-fashioned thriller: hard, square, solid. “The Town” is an old-fashioned black series: men have a code of conduct, women are deadly, the streets are dark and the police are harassed. The story, based on a novel by Chuck Hogan (“The Prince of Robbers”), focuses on a series of hold-ups with no frills. In Charlestown, a suburb of Boston, the robber’s occupation is transferred from an Irish family to an Irish family. The father is a gangster and the son is a robber. Three hundred bank robberies a year. Pegrots disguised as nuns, skeletons, or security guards enter banks, show guns, wait for safe clicks, and pile up loot items in a trash can.

“The Town” or Nietzsche’s Blues

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Except … except for the crime, of course, no money. Approx. Ben Affleck (Photo), Invented with “Will Hunting”, is an actor with little cows: in “Daredevil” or “Games of Power”, he was as restless as a door knocker. Surprise: As a director, he’s good, smart, simple and effective. Then the opposite is true. His first achievement was a short film, “I Killed My Lesbian Wife, Hung Here on a Butcher’s Hook, Got a Three – Movie Deal from Disney.” Second, a feature film was notable: “Gone Baby Gone”, which described the kidnapping of particularly complex and dynamic children.

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With “The Town,” Affleck confirms. No special effects, no show, just a nod to Kubrick’s Ultimate Razia (1956), and friendly humility. In addition, director Ben Affleck plays Ben Affleck in one of his most beautiful roles: a prisoner of his sponsors, torn between his loyalties and swallowed up by the dark past. The city with its networks and friendships holds children in its iron fists. Last break, freedom? Hallucinations, deadly illusions shattered by police bullets. “The Town” or Nietzsche’s Blues.

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Thursday, March 24 at 8:50 pm on Ciné + Premier. Ben Affleck’s American Thriller (2010). With Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hall, Jeremy Renner and John Hamm. 2:03. (Multicast and On Demand).

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