The total mass of man-made material to surpass the total biomass

The total mass of man-made material to surpass the total biomass

Man-made objects will soon overtake all living things on this planet, according to a study by scientists Weissman Institute Found. The weight of the “anthropogenic mass” produced by humans on buildings, roads, everyday objects and waste is now equal to that of trees, animals, and all living things, which Weissman scientists call the “concrete jungle”. In short, a hundred years ago, at the beginning of the twentieth century, the anthropogenic mass was equal to just 3% of the total biomass. So how did we get to this point? To study, Published today Nature This phenomenon, carried out by Emily Elhacham and Liad Ben Uri in the team of Ron Milo, Professor of Plant and Environmental Sciences, began to make materials more widely available in the 1950s after World War II. The construction of those luxurious homes, businesses, road widening, simple everyday objects such as plastic and glass began to grow with the vast availability of materials.

This effect is accompanied by the increasing human presence in the world and the phenomenon of global loss of life. Recently, the total human population has doubled every 20 years. Interestingly, “on average, every person in the world produces an equivalent anthropomorphic mass each week,” the study says. With this figure it is predicted that the concrete forest mass will reach more than double. The number of living things by 2040 is estimated to be the weight of two teratons (two million) by then. ‚ÄúThis study shows just how far our global footprint has expanded beyond our ‘shoe size’. Once we see these shocking figures in front of our eyes, we hope to be able to act more responsibly as a species, “said Milo. Graphic designer Itai Rave exemplifies the fact that man-made Eiffel Tower weighs more than the world’s remaining 10,000 white bears. Examples can be found on the website:

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