The Torres Race takes place in Bianchi, Eugenio Bianchi wins, the athletes under the snow were the real “warriors” –

Bianchi – A race, the Torres RaceWith the Bianchi stage, one day that was supposed to be spring, instead it was winter under snow-covered terrain, with all the athletes ready to explain the hardships of the participating “warriors”. The organizers are ready to face the obstacles set out along with the designed course.

Extreme temperatures and icy conditions made the competition difficult, and the regular competition was witnessed by people from all over Italy and other European countries, following a well-defined program. Regarding the event, it should be noted that the proposal to host the event was approved without delay by Mayor Pascual Taverna.

To win Eugenio Bianchi, who scored 51’s and 29’s to become the national champion and the strongest athlete in Italy for eight years, has yet to confirm the primacy of finishing first at this stage. Calabria. Finish Simon Antonio de Mauro and Emilio Pagnotta and get on the podium.
Before women It should be noted that Girolama (also known as Olma) Ruggeri de Messina, a large group of talented and combative athletes participated in the competition. About 100 entries were received for the competition, but 83 “warrior” athletes went to the track and managed the route found in the suburbs of Bianchi.

The TOres Race – OCR (Obstacle Course Race) A type Unconventional race, which involves mud or a race that combines natural and artificial obstacles.

A new and complete sport in which one’s endurance is overly challenged and the competition leads to him rather than to others.

Over time, OCR has become an iconic sport that weekend warriors and professional athletes alike have come to expect. Routes can vary in distance from 5 to 20 km, and include stages Dirt roads, paths, rough, muddy terrain.

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Optimized and qualified to qualify for the OCRCSEN Calabria Regional Championship, the OCRCSEN Southern Italy Group Championship, and the Regional Committee of CSEN (National Educational Sports Center) CSEN (National Educational Sports Center) Regional Committee President! President Antonio Cairo, who was present at all stages of the competition, is the owner of a gym, Salvatore Caliguri, and the athlete who invented the event.

On the track, as shown below on the map, the obstacles are scattered, in fact 25 natural or artificial obstacles are placed along the 10 km stretch of the route.

Below we publish a long and varied list of the various challenges that “bulls” (so-called physically fit athletes) must face to reach the finish line to succeed.

Below is the video of the award ceremony.

Below is a list of points placed on the route and various obstacles.
1) Bucket Transport, 2) River Wedding, 3) Memory Test, 4) Wall Jump H 2.5 MT, 5) Barbed wire, 6) Pit Jump, 7) Monkey, 8) Balance, 9) Cargo, Bag 10. 20) Final Multi Reg.

Awards video (click on photo).

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