The Top Casinos in Ireland

Casinos in Ireland have had a rocky history. Today, online casinos like Topbettingsites casino are plentiful, but land-based casinos are technically not allowed by Irish law—but that hasn’t stopped more than a few enterprising establishments from setting up camp in Dublin and Belfast. Today, we’re going to look at a few of the top casinos across Ireland.


Proudly self-proclaimed as the favourite casino in the city, Dublin’s Fitzwilliam Casino & Card Club is one of the best and most well known in the country. Established over 30 years ago, it sits at the very heart of Dublin and has been a local favourite that whole time. With regular tournaments and festivals, it’s a lively and active place—easy to understand why it’s such a local favourite.

Another Dublin favourite, and some would say the premium Irish casino, is The Sporting Emporium. While you might think it mimics one of the online irish betting sites, it is more like a casino. It mixes a really authentic Vegas aesthetic with its own unique style—betting there is not only fun and thrilling, but you’re doing it in a beautiful setting. They provide a wide range of traditional table games that you’d find online through sites like Mr Green or 888, like poker and blackjack, but they also run money wheel and free bet blackjack—the only casino in the country to do so. There is, naturally, also a strong emphasis on sports at The Sporting Emporium, which we’re sure will not come as a surprise.


Moving away from the capital, over on the west coast of Ireland you’ll find Galway, home to Caesar’s Palace. Really amping up the Vegas feel here, this casino really does do its best to cater for every customer it has. From its enormous, 200 seater bingo hall, to its arcade amusements with slots machines and roulettes, and even its many TV screens showing any sport you could think of, Caesar’s Palace has everything you could need from a casino.

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South of Galway, you’ll find the town of Limerick. In Limerick, you’ll find a casino called Fitzpatrick’s Casino. Part of a larger casino group that operates in Dublin as well, Fitzpatrick’s is a well-established organization that has been bringing quality games to Ireland for decades. Their location in Limerick is their newest location, and has won the Irish Casino Awards four years in a row from 2015. They boast all the essential casino amenities and more with great promotions and events.

But without doubt the best casino outside Dublin is the Macau Sporting Club. Offering both traditional table games and betting on sporting events, as well as food and drink, the Sporting Club has everything you could want from a casino. Membership is even free and open to all, so the Macau Sporting Club is a really great way of getting involved in the casino scene.

Unfortunately, ‘true’ casinos in Northern Ireland are virtually non-existent. But that isn’t to say there are no chances for betting in Belfast.

Over in Belfast across the border, you won’t find casinos, but you can still find money games to play. Oasis Gaming, for one, has four venues across the city for those who prefer the gaming machines. They have a great variety of games on offer as well as amenities like food and drink, and most importantly, an upbeat atmosphere that’ll keep your experience fun.

If you are looking for the true casino experience, you’re probably going to have to head on down to the Republic. But Belfast nonetheless offers great opportunities for a fun bit of betting, even if you can’t play a full on game of poker or roulette.

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