Online gambling has grown exponentially across the globe, and Ireland is no different. People are increasingly moving away from land-based casinos and choosing online casinos instead. Plus, with the COVID 19 virus wreaking havoc in the country, online gambling seems to be the best option now. But which sites can you rely on as you make this change? Let’s help you zero in on the best options:

How To Choose a Casino Website

As people have moved to online gaming, so have scammers. So, it’s pretty easy to sign up on a site only to find that it does not offer what you need. Do you want to know how you can narrow it down to the top casino websites in Ireland? It’s easy. All you do is pay attention to the following factors:


Does site security matter? Why yes, it does! Think about it this way. Site security is your first line of defense against hackers who want your financial details. So, if this barrier is weak, you cannot trust that a site has done what it takes to protect its players. That right there is a red flag. So, before signing up on a site, look at whether it has SSL encryption. Also, investigate if it uses two-factor authentication to protect you a little more.


Are you sure you have a fair chance of winning when you play in a casino? By virtue, the games on the site should use randomized software, ensuring that you always have a fair shot at winning. Of course, the casino will have the edge over you, which will be shown in the game’s settings. But how sure can you be that the casino has not tweaked its software to lower the RTP? So, check whether the games have been independently tested. A site should show this certificate on its homepage, and it should be possible to validate the certificate with the relevant authority.

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Who does the site answer to when it has not operated legally? You need to find out a few things. The first is whether the casino has a license. An unlicensed operator is at will to do whatever they wish, which is to your detriment. So, that should be the first sign that the casino is not a good fit for you. The second is who regulates the casino. Not all commissions are strict on casinos. That means an operator could do something illegal and get away with it because the licensor does not step in as needed. If a site can pass these checks, then you should be safe.


Can the site operate in Ireland? Does it have the right to do so? You might think that playing on an overseas site is a good idea. After all, they have a license, and their games have been independently tested – what could go wrong. Well, everything! Suppose you win on such a site. They can withhold the earnings from you, arguing that you used their services under pretenses and are thus not eligible to withdraw the money. So, first, make sure that the site accepts players from Ireland and ensure that you provide accurate details.

Games Available

Are you hoping to play one game, or are you curious about what else is out there? Say, for example, that you only want to play poker. In that case, you can look for a site that offers only this, and then you can play the original game with its variations. But what if you would like to try your hand at other games? Then you should try a site with more variation. Again, why limit yourself when there are so many sites with hundreds to thousands of games?

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As more people join online gaming, more casinos have come up. So, the competition for players is stiff, and operators must now do what it takes to attract new players. How are they doing this? They have realized that providing fair games and being licensed is no longer enough. Now, they are offering generous bonuses and rewards to new players. Take your time to assess the options available and choose the one with the fairest wagering requirements. That’s something you need to be careful about because some operators are pretty crafty with their terms.

What else should you consider?

  • The reputation of the game developers,
  • The customer support,
  • The payment methods,
  • The availability of mobile gaming and mobile apps,
  • The return to player percentages, and
  • The site interface.

You might be wondering how you can get all this information. It’s easy- look up independent third-party reviews. Also, scroll through player reviews left on trusted review sites, assessing each comment objectively.

Which Sites Can You Trust?

Okay, so we bombarded you with a range of factors you must consider when vetting operators. How about we cut to the chase and give you a list of the most trusted options to make your work easier? The sites below meet all the above requirements and come with an added edge that makes them stand out from the fray:

  • LeoVegas: Comes with a live casino!
  • Casumo: More than 2,000 games.
  • Betway: A favorite for slots players.
  • Genesis: Has thousands of games.
  • Paddy Power: Tons of special promotions.
  • Mansion: 24/7 customer support.
  • Casino Masters: Features top game developers.
  • LuckyDays: Secure payments.
  • Bet 365: Mobile gaming enabled.
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These are some of Ireland’s most trusted casino sites, guaranteed to enhance your gaming experience. Don’t forget to start slow as you work your way to the jackpot. All the best!

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