The Tinder Swindler semondializes more than 64 million views on Netflix

The Tinder Swindler semondializes more than 64 million views on Netflix

I’m going to differ from the Tinder Simon Leviev alias Shimon Hayut’s synthesizer of femmes in the fastest days of the year.

The theme of the hit viral Netflix The Tinder Swindler assembled outsourced in Israel With these voices rapides and martial arts, but the most important document in the history of crime, this is one of the most reconcilable figures in the world.

The Tinder Scammer: Official les chiffres

The Tinder Swindler is currently the highest grossing film on Netflix on the monday, with 64.7 million views on this semeen.

Il fait partie 10 10 bestselling films on Netflix in 94 pays à travers monde and this movie numroro on sur 70 Netflix in 70 pays, dont: l’Irlande, royaume-Uni, les atstats-Unis, le Mexicique, l ‘Australie, Taïwan, Vietnam, Nigéria et l’Afrique du Sud.

This film is the Netflix number in one of your endroits presents or mentions all of his documentary documents, and compliments on Allemagne, Finland, Israel, Pays-Bas, Norway and Suide. Sign up for L’Arnaque Mondiale to buy your own plus compliment for Simon à lwinir.

Graphiques Netflix mondiaux de semeine

By chance, Netflix’s best time to discover the latest in Anna, basically on the history of the game on the high rides.

Anna Delvey (son of Vrai nom Anna Sorokina) is the fastest passer-by to create a rich alley for millions of banques, dummies, dôhôtels and layers of monte de yorkais.

In the present moment, the moines dine the latest, with the world’s vision of 77.3 million dances in the monday’s jour.

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Inventing Anna fait actulelement part of the top 10 des saris Netflix dans 88 pays and est l lmission Netflix la most regarded aux ats-Unis, au Canada, au Royaume-Uni, en Suisse et en Ireland, enter.

The top 10 des Ilande les plus views

Do you find the most interesting movies and series in the world in English for the last time in 13 years?

Top 10 des films on Netflix in Irland this time:

  1. L’escroc Tinder
  2. La chasse
  3. grande fille 2
  4. par ma fenter
  5. Tueur gages
  6. Hachi: a histoire de chien
  7. le garçon dichirant
  8. L’quip local
  9. L’homme invisible
  10. Faucon noir vers le bas

Top 10 des sries on Netflix in Ireland this time:

  1. Inventing Anna (serial limit)
  2. Magnolias doux (T2)
  3. Ozarks (S4, Partie 1)
  4. l’amour is aveugle (T2)
  5. Le patch: Percy (S4)
  6. We sommes your mortals (T1)
  7. La femme dans la maison en face de la fille f la fenter (T1)
  8. Attraper des assassins (T2)
  9. Magnolias doux (T1)
  10. Pat ‘Patrouille (S6)
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