The time when ice was on the streets of Madrid

El tiempo que permanecerá el hielo en Madrid

Hurricane Philomena passes through Madrid Many pictures of citizens were left Enjoying the snow. But now, due to the extreme cold, it turns to ice, The temperature can drop below zero to 15 degrees.

Going to the streets has become a dangerous activity Before a possible fall. This disorder causada Climate phenomenon How many people are surprised You will have to live with ice on the streets of the Spanish capital.

Ice resistance

Origin, Wet snow fell on Thursday. Later, Dust and snow fell on Friday and Saturday. So, while walking The foot sank while walking, But this is one of the explanations for the snow resistance on the tracks, as explained by meteorologist Jose Miguel Vinas. In statements to the press ABC : “Hurricane Philomena Made a big snowfall, Half a meter thick in many places. “

About the length of the snow, One of the decisive factors in exposure to sunlight is In addition to the work of Workers and neighbors To clean the streets: “In Madrid, in the shadow of the buildings, I am not surprised. Big ice will be stored for two or three weeks. “, Says Vias.

Avalanche formation

According to experts, The situation in Madrid will help explain how avalanches form. While the Spanish capital receives the same type of snow for a long time, other times the rainfall is different Different layers of ice form. Thus, the most unstable can slip Leading to an avalanche.

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