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The Thunderbird 91 KDE Gear 21.08 releases multi-threaded racing

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Thunderbird 91 provides multi-threaded running

According to the authors, the 91st edition of Thunderbird is the largest in recent years. Postman, Multi-Threading, New Account Setup Dialog, Attachment Attachments, Drag & Drop Overlay, PDF Viewer, UI Density Settings, Improved Calendar, Improved Dark Theme, Native Build for Apple M1 and Print UI Support Cardavi Autodetection) or opening .ics By double-clicking on the directory.

Details are available here Announcement on the project home page, Current Community Project Manager Ryan Cyps summarizes everything in more detail An overview of all changes.

What’s new in KDE: UI enhancements other than fixes

Of all the improvements that the KDE desktop environment has received over the next few days, there are several improvements to the user interface itself. For example, music player Elisa now lets you rate songs on the playlist and on the page you are currently playing, no need to go to the info window anymore.

The desktop background slideshow setting now includes an option to display all desktop backgrounds in one folder before moving to another folder. Network applet now supports authentication of settings, protocol, and requests for OpenVNP connections.

Breeze-style spinbox settings now have large buttons for adding or removing values ​​to make tapping easier. Updated the scrollbar to match other UI elements, making it a little wider and visually cleaner.

Wayland is not a week away from KDE development. This time, when the PlasmaWayland session is running, the icons in the system tray are automatically magnified when switching from 2-in-1 notebook to tablet mode, so your fingers tap well.

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Additionally, holding down your finger on the kickoff menu now opens a context menu. The system monitor can now scroll through the table view using the page up and page down keys. Plus, more like already Traditionally Nate Graham summarizes.

KDE released Gear 21.08

There is another novelty associated with KDE. The new version of KDE Gear 21.08 has been released, the new name for KDE applications.

Is a review of the news Available on the project home page, Dolphin File Manager, Ocular Document Viewer, Console Console or Gwen View Image Viewer, and ELISA Music Player.

Digital Audio Station Ardor 6.9

The authors of the most popular sound station in Linux, Ardor, have released a new version 6.9. Is a review of the news Available on the project home page, Apple M1’s build build mentioned at the beginning.

Otherwise, the enhancements include a decent line of preferences, including playlist management, a simple UI for shuffling, VST2 and / or VST3, enhanced plugin support or MIDI capture.

Development Version Wine 6.15

The New version of wine The list of libraries that have been converted to WinSock (WS2_32) Portable Executable (PE) format is growing. Added support for performance data in registers, 32 → 64 bit NTDLL calls enhancement, improved floating-point state management in C runtime, and other readiness functions in the GDI system call interface.

A total of 49 bugs have been fixed, the oldest reported has been waiting for repairs for more than 11 years and sealed the fastest in just 2 days.

A new Debian GNU / Hurd has been released

There is a new build of Debian in the world that uses Hurd as its kernel, not Linux. Debian GNU / Hurd 2021 It’s basically a snapshot of the current Debian “Sid”, but Samuel Thibault adds in one breath that Debian’s release is not an official release, just a port official port.

Available on I386, As usual in the design of an image that can be burned on a CD or DVD, and the network installation also contains 70% of the Debian archive (more will be added gradually).

New Here you will find a ready-made port Go, support for file record lock, IRQ reconstruction in Userland, experimental work around APIC, SMP and 64 bit, as well as a disk driver based on a rump. Close to target – The GNU kernel leaves the Linux driver in the match. Of course, several bugs were fixed.

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