The thief had been in hiding for 20 years and police found him on a Google map

The thief had been in hiding for 20 years and police found him on a Google map
Photo: Google Maps / Screenshot

An Italian mobster who has been in hiding for two decades has been arrested after being found on a Google map.

Geocchino Gamino, 61, was found in Galapagos, Spain, where he lived under the name Manuel.

Investigators say a photo from Google Street View showing a man reminiscent of Gam in front of the store was important in locating the fugitive.

He was a member of the Sicilian mafia group Stida and one of the most wanted goons in Italy.

Sicilian police believe Gamino is in Spain, but an emergency investigation has only begun with a photo of him talking to a man in front of the El Hurto de Manu store.

The identity of the man was confirmed when police found the Facebook page of Cosina de Manu, a restaurant that is now closed. A photo of Gam on the chef’s dress was published there, and he was identified with the help of a pat on his cheek.

The restaurant menu has Sicilian dishes.

Gamino was arrested on Dec. 17, but it was only on Wednesday that La Repubblica broke the news.

He had asked the police how he was found after his arrest.

“I haven’t even called my family in 10 years,” Gamino said.

He is currently in custody in Spain and is expected to be extradited by Italian police by the end of February.

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