The Tesla travels 576 km without touching the steering wheel

The Tesla travels 576 km without touching the steering wheel

A Californian currently testing Tesla’s new High Assisted Driving System (FSD) has posted a video of the 576km run, leaving the vehicle to operate on its own.

Some U.S. Tesla customers have only a few months to preview Very Comprehensive Driving Assistant. A forerunner of the FSD function for “full-self-driving”, which offers a major evolution of the famous “autopilot” semi-autonomous driving system.

As shown in the video posted by an American YouTuber on January 4 (“Full Mars Catalog), The system seems to be able to defend itself in a variety of situations, either on the city or on expressways.

6 hours without touching the steering wheel

The Tesla Model 3 shows a video of the 576 km journey between SpaceX headquarters in Los Angeles and the city of San Jose in Silicon Valley in 6 hours.

It only interacts directly with the steering wheel once in the middle of the parking lot before recharging. The rest of the time, he leaves the vehicle to work, lowering his hand only to indicate that he is present and can always respond when needed.

YouTuber, which was used to perform this type of test trip, suggests that the system is improving, with improvements compared to the final experience of the system offered in beta, a version that Tesla is developing.

However, the system is not yet perfect and without any action from the driver to take control of the vehicle, he invites his video viewers to find out some of the errors that occur in the vehicle.

What is the future of these advanced driving systems?

A middle ground between assisted and autonomous driving still raises many questions. Knowing that his vehicle is being driven almost all the time, should the future driver be prepared to act in record time to avoid a serious accident? While waiting for the arrival of 100% autonomous driving with models without steering wheel or pedals, wouldn’t it be nice to continue with “manual” driving with little help?

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An option for rent soon

This video is a good publicity stunt for the system that Tesla offers anyway. At the end of last year, Elon Musk has said he will offer a three-month option This will help all users who have subscribed to FSD during deployment.

After all, the opportunity to remember that he wants to give this expensive option in the form of a monthly subscription, for example, is more interested in those who have a Tesla in the lease. FSD currently costs $ 10,000 in the United States and ,500 7,500 in France.

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