The tenants celebrate the stay

Les locataires célèbrent leur installation

St.-Gerand-le-Pui. Multi-service pole tenants celebrated their installation. At the invitation of tenants of the Paul Multi-Service, the population of St. Gerandൈs was found in the “Place des Justice Parmi des Nations.” Of course, these tenants, health professionals (doctors, physiotherapists, nurses including a newcomer), and merchants (grocery, bakery-pastry) organized a small event to celebrate their installation in this new structure, which adds an extra dimension. Economic activity in the city, including a beautiful note about RN7’s location in the immediate town center.

An event that emphasizes the festive aspect with the participation of the local musical society is always present in the pleasant moments of the municipality.

In a small improvement, Mayor Xavier Cadoret mainly cited “an upgrade of the town center that satisfies all users.”

In this moment of friendship, the participants began to interact with the participants with great simplicity and genuine joy, with Irish Ambassador Niall Burgess and his wife arriving in St. Gerand-le-Pew to inaugurate the exhibition dedicated to James. Joyce.

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