The Team Gas 58 Association opens a Solidarity Garage in Toury-Lursey and sends a team to the Isle of Man.

L’association Team Gazzz 58 a ouvert un garage solidaire à Toury-Lurcy et envoie une équipe à l

From August 1, 2022, a Solidarity garage at 39, Route de Moulins, Les Audiles, has been completely renovated and adapted to a room of 70 m². The idea, now beloved by Nicolas Robert, manager of the Team Gas 58 association (with three Zs because the association was created for three cyclists to enjoy on the circuit) came to fruition.

“This garage is really made available so that every member of the association can maintain their motorcycle,” says Nicholas Robert, who supports all education with safety at the fore. As a result, members can benefit from the advantages of consumable products, motorcycle and rider equipment. On site, they can carry out mechanics with all the necessary tools available in the workshop. »

Departs Tuesday 16th August for Isle of Man

In 2019, Nicholas took part in the legendary Mangs race in the Irish Sea, the Isle of Man overlooking Scotland. This time, from August 22nd to 29th, he will be the manager of the four drivers entered in Team Gas 58, with three guides/mechanics per driver.

These four experienced pilots from the Cher, Loire, Bouches-du-Rhône and Loire-Atlantique will discover experiences along a course with 250 turns, more than 63 km, on the coast and in the mountains, with trails in the town. These bikers are categorized under “Super-Sport” and “Lightweight”. “This legendary race is known all over the world and few French drivers have competed there”, slips Nicolas. Departs Tuesday, August 16.

By truck to Dieppe (500km) then a six hour ferry to Newhaven (England), another 600km across England (driving on the left) and finally a second ferry from Liverpool to Douglas, the capital of Douglas. Isle of Man.

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A rolling association

Team Gas 58 is ten years old and the head office is now in the town hall of Toury-Lursi. The association has 136 members from different regions of France. President, Emily Simon (Nicolas’ companion), Jerome Robert (Vice President), Virginie Reynard (Secretary-Treasurer), Nicolas Ramdami and Jerome Angrand (members).

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Team Gas 58’s main objective is to “have fun on a circuit” to share the passion for supervised and accompanied motorcycling. “Training or driving courses are mainly held on the 2.5 to 3 km Bourbonnais circuit in Montbeugny (Allier)”, adds Emilie Simon.

“It is above all relaxation and advice, because a professional coach, Mathieu Lagrieve, four-time world champion in endurance and two European champions in IRRC (super-sport), is a partner of Team Gas 58.” Nicolas then signed a contract with the Carentan Moto Ducati dealership in Normandy.

The season’s program includes several events, particularly at the Circuit du Bourbonnais and Magny-Cours.

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