The Taliban have killed two Afghans for listening to music

Des combattants talibans ont abattu deux invités à un mariage pour avoir joué de la musique.

Victims were invited to a wedding in the eastern city of the country. The Taliban opened fire on them, injuring two.

Taliban militants shot dead two wedding guests while they were reading music, local officials and witnesses said on Saturday, condemning the Taliban government. Relatives of the victims say two people have been killed and two others wounded by Taliban forces after they caught guests listening to Afghan music at a wedding in the eastern city of Sorkhod.

All secular music was banned by the Taliban during their previous rule (1996-2001). Although the new Islamist government has not yet legislated on the issue, it still considers listening to secular music contrary to Islamic law.

The youths set up music in a separate room and three Taliban arrived and opened fire on them. The condition of the two injured is critical», This witness declared.

Khasi Mulla Adel, a spokesman for the governor of Nangarhar province, confirmed the incident, without giving further details.

In Kabul, government spokesman Sabihullah Mujahid did not confirm the authenticity of the incident, but added that the Taliban opposed such abuses.

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