The Taliban has called on the West to stop evacuating Afghans


In addition, fundamentalists are again refusing to extend the deadline for these activities, which is set for August 31.

The Taliban show a facial expression. The new Taliban government warned on Tuesday that Westerners should only evict foreigners from Afghanistan, not the most qualified Afghans, and set a deadline of August 31 for these operations.

“Afghan experts, engineers, Americans and their allies are being expelled from the country,” he said, adding that “this country needs its expertise.” Remember.

The airport is still broken

Tensions were high around Kabul airport as more than 60,000 foreigners and Afghans had already fled the country since the Taliban took power nine days ago. Thousands of Afghans have been stranded there for days, some with their entire family, hoping to board one of the Western chartered flights.

A virtual summit of the G7 was taking place in the afternoon counting these evacuations. Several G7 leaders, including British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, are currently leading the grouping, which may request US President Joe Biden to keep his troops beyond the August 31 deadline to complete the evacuation.

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