The Swiss national team defeated Northern Ireland 2-0

The Swiss national team defeated Northern Ireland 2-0

World Cup qualification

Switzerland beat 10 Northern Irish 2-0 – Suber and Faznach meet

Revenge won! After a disappointing 0-0 victory in Belfast, the Swiss national team defeated Northern Ireland 2-0 in Geneva. This means that the final for group victory will take place in Italy in November.

Recovery Joy: Just before the end Christian Fasnach (left) scored 2-0.

Laurent Gillieron / Keyston

At some point all of a sudden this one bad thought comes up: active rejection of too many opportunities if not revenge! Again and again they come running, Swiss. But then again, they miss the comforting 2-0. Sometimes the embolus fires over it. Suber lost time. Then Fasnach apologizes. Finally the embolo again. The shot ratio is 25 to 2 just before the end.

Northern Ireland are not contributing anything to this football evening. But just: high ball, established header, all of a sudden everything can be different. But, in the end, recovery. Stoppage time is already running out when Fasnach appears alone again in front of the goal. Now it still hits. 2-0. The task is done. This is especially comforting for coach Murat Yak. This is his first significant success as a national coach. So he was a little relieved too.

The best pictures of the game

Switzerland cheers with fans after the game.

Pascal Mueller / Freshfocus

Strong Swiss response

The game ends at 10:40 p.m. Great fun again at Stade de Geneva in the atmosphere. 19,129 fans made the evening an experience. You support the national team from start to finish. With the exception of a few northern Irish dressed in green, everyone goes home satisfied.

Players also get lazy of respect. After two 0: 0 defeats against Italy and Northern Ireland in the last World Cup qualifiers, they deserve victory today with a brave performance. Never get discouraged or discouraged because you don’t want to fall for goals.

First, the Swiss win but second place in this group is practically safe. If you want to cross the Northern Irish Switzerland, you have to go with the devil. But now it is definitely important to look ahead. The match in Lithuania will take place early on Tuesday. Before the final for the group win against Italy in Rome in November.

It has been almost two years since the Swiss national team last played in Geneva, in October 2019, with a 2-0 win over Ireland to qualify for the European Championship. Geneva seems to be particularly suited to the national team. For the sixth time since the reopening of La Prairie Stadium in 2003, Switzerland played a qualifier today – which they have always won. The series was never in danger, even against the solid Northern Irish.

Of course, it took Switzerland some time to score the opening goal of the recovery. After two serious mistakes from the Northern Irish and the excellent preparation work of the returning Bril Embolo, Steven Zuber scored a brave 1-0 victory just moments before half-time.

Because there were only ten guests on the pitch at this time, it was actually synonymous with success. Northern Ireland left – back Jamal Lewis was sent off in the 37th minute. A few minutes ago he broke the embolo. He waited for a throw-in until referee Slavko Vinczyk had enough and warned again. Dissolution can be tough – but consistent. Vinci had previously warned the Northern Irish several times.

Zachariah’s early goal – but the video referee answers

As the Swiss dreamed, a few would disappear and move in one direction right from the start of the game. Only a good three minutes passed when Denise Zachariah miraculously reached the flat goal from 25 meters. But, not counting the hit, an offside video referee noticed Mbabu at the very front in a relief.

But the Swiss quickly recovered from the initial shock. You play creatively and actively. It’s a completely different perception that they are leaving Belfast when they did not succeed in the attack three weeks ago.

The main thing: a small discount due to lack of efficiency, otherwise better

If there is anything to complain about in your performance, it is only one thing: the lack of exploitation of opportunities. Nervous play until the end was not allowed. It will help if it changes in Lithuania next Tuesday. Especially against Italy on November 12th. The big surprise is that it needs – so direct World Cup qualification – to still win. Otherwise he will be detained at the barrage next March.

Sounds for the game:

Xherdan Shaqiri: I am proud of the team that performed so well today. The only thing that is critical is the lack of opportunity evaluation. But we played to zero, which is very important. In the end we deserved to win.

Steven Suber: Northern Irish made it difficult for us, but today we were able to fit the rooms well, play fast and turn a lot. That was the difference of the game in Belfast.

Braille Embolo: We played well from the red card and scored a goal just before half time. Also, we immediately stopped the counterattack. We continued to play like this in the second half. But it was a little annoying that I didn’t score.

Murat Yakin: We wanted to win and deserve to win. The team showed enthusiasm and discipline today. We knew we had to play fast and find places where we could win. A big thank you to the fans who created a great atmosphere today.

For reading: Live ticker of the game

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