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The survey highlights the discrimination experienced by travelers

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A survey of travelers and Roma communities across six European countries found that two-thirds of Irish travelers were discriminated against because of their ethnicity.

Led by the European Union of Fundamental Rights Survey, it found that almost half of the Irish public were disturbed by the presence of members of the Traveler and Roma communities in the neighborhood.

The study includes the views of those who identify themselves as Roma or members of the travel community in Belgium, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK.

From December 2018 to July 2019, face-to-face peer research examined information on living conditions, health, education, employment, and discrimination.

The survey found that of the six countries, Roma (76%) in the Netherlands and the traveler community in Ireland (65%) had the highest proportions.

In contrast, the proportion of those discriminated against in Belgium is 21% in Rome and 19% in the travel community.

90% of travelers in Ireland say they do not have enough places to stay. Two-thirds felt discriminated against when trying to rent or buy.

The survey also found that about half (46%) of the general population is unhappy with Roma or travelers as neighbors.

Ireland has the lowest passenger traffic at 15%. This is 55% for travelers in the Netherlands.

This is a timely document – the European Union is finalizing the inclusion of Roma as it is a new framework for travelers.

The new plan “strengthens progress” made in the Council of Europe’s Thematic Action Plan (2016-2019) on the inclusion of Roma and travelers.

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The Traveler & Roma Representative Group in Ireland says today’s report presents a unique opportunity to ensure that the EU’s national inclusion strategies, especially the Irish National Traveler and Roma Inclusion Strategy (NTRIS), are strengthened. Drive to implement real change “.

It called on the European Union to give priority to travelers and Roma in terms of social inclusion, and to pursue measurable goals and for a “whole government approach to dealing with racism and discrimination.”

Spokesman Martin Collins said action plans with clear goals, indicators, results, timelines, and budget lines have the political will to involve society.

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