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The suitcase disappears after the flight and the passenger finds it in an apartment block with other empties.

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A United Airlines passenger had the unpleasant experience of losing her bag to the airline. Despite this, she was perceptive and bought an Apple AirTag before the trip, which not only revealed the unusual whereabouts of her belongings, but also that the airline was lying.

The traveler in question is Valerie Sibala, who told her entire story through posts on Twitter, practically live. Not only the tracking of his bag, but also his conversations with the airline came out. Online By the woman.

In the end, the strangest thing was to discover that his suitcase was in an apartment complex where other suitcases had also been “abandoned” outside, composing a rocambolic scene.


In a lengthy Twitter thread, Valerie Sibala shared her journey trying to recover her lost suitcase. First, she begins the conversation by claiming that United lied to her about the location of her suitcase and that she has proof of the AirTag, a small Apple device designed to track the location of objects via GPS.

The tweet has been viewed more than twelve million times and has been highly engaged on the social media platform.

Later, the thread continues in which Valerie claims that the United representative who helped her via direct message on the social network stopped responding when she asked for specific details about the airline’s lost baggage policy.

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The worker who helped Sibala was less than polite, telling her: “Relax, your bag is in delivery service“. But that wasn’t the truth. Using the GPS locator, she realized the suitcase had been in the same spot for two days, taking it to a McDonald’s, just before returning to the apartment complex, a clear sign that someone was moving it.

Finding the bag

Later, the suitcase was seen moving again, but stopped at a shopping complex, where it remained for 30 minutes. Sibala thought the luggage might have gone out to be delivered to her, but she was disappointed to find that her belongings had returned to the apartment complex.

After days of tracking down her luggage and trying to retrieve it, Sibala found it. The suitcase was recovered, but the strangeness was not over. According to another tweet, Zibala went to the apartment complex in an attempt to find the suitcase.

While there, the suspense builds as he sees other empty suitcases placed outside the building. Also, at that moment she received a text message, which she found suspicious, of an employee of a delivery company.

In the message (available below) that he has the suitcase but has instructed to give it to another passenger. Realizing the error, he had to collect it again before handing it to her.

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The driver of the delivery car later appeared with the suitcase and was surprised to see a news crew thinking he was in trouble, but Zibala had called the local media to report his case.

She added that she was thrilled to get her suitcase back and that she didn’t believe what the driver told her, and he didn’t explain why she spent the weekend at an apartment complex with her suitcase. It is also unclear why the other bags were outside the building.

The big question, whether it was an honest mistake or an intent to steal the bag, did not take place after the case became public.

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