The study says that two hours of video games burn like a thousand ABS

The study says that two hours of video games burn like a thousand ABS

A new study by researchers at Stockster, an international app that rewards video game users, has shown that playing two hours of video games can provide the same calorie expenditure as doing a thousand sit-ups in a row.

In a study of 50 volunteers, the researchers used smart devices to measure heart rate and burn calories while playing. FIFA e Call of Duty: Warson Two hours. Calorie burn of the same people was also measured while doing sit-ups.

During the trial, male players burned an average of 210 calories per hour, while female players lost about 236 calories over the same period. In two hours of online games, the cost was the same A thousand sit-ups.

Tom Fairy, founder and CEO of Stockster, told the newspaper Daily Mail He had expected results that would prove to burn calories during workouts, but he was surprised to see how much he burned during the two-hour competition.

“We all know that competition can increase our heart rate. Most of us have experienced the ‘game sweat’ that occurs when you are looking for a last minute goal in FIFA or in a difficult situation in Warson,” said Tom Fairy, founder of Stockster.

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