The strongest Irish team to maintain Six Nations hopes against France

The strongest Irish team to maintain Six Nations hopes against France

Andy Farrell may have to wait for bigger calls when he gets an important medical report.

Despite a 67-minute effort with just 14 men, Ireland lost their first Six Nations game to Wales, and are already on a winning streak. It will be interesting to see on Friday what changes have been made to the Irish team for the visit to France.

As Peter O’Malley hopes to avoid a long suspension after a red card against the Welshman, France’s game and perhaps Italy’s will not be seen in Rome.

Other areas to think about include the second and second line after Johnny Sexton and James Ryan hit the head from the pitch. There is also the question of how Ian Henderson’s legendary replacement swap can be rewarded and whether Tad Farlong can fit in again.

End Rugby House IrelandThe match with former Irish internationals Chris Henry and Fergus McFandon was hosted by Emir Considine. [LISTEN from 20:30 below] The changes that France could make to the game were discussed.

“They will have to see what the injury profile is and obviously Peter O’Malley will be out, so another decision has to be made.

“The man I wrestled with today was Rice Rudok, and I think he’s extraordinary. What a great story he was coming back to.

“They definitely need to make some important panel changes, because they are tweaking and making minor changes. Throwing in some cold feet may be an idea. Thaddeus Furlong, after his appearance, became really important against the French. .

“For me, the integration of the center was great. Henshaw and Ringros’ ability to score a few yards, with their footwork, was really positive. ”

“Henderson and Todd Bain played a little bit in sixth,” so do you think James Ryan is in a good position? When Pete is lost, you lose another lineup operator. Over the top six countries, it was about how Ireland competed with the power play of France and England. Maybe you don’t have to worry about combinations and try to get your best players on the pitch.

As Henry points out, “the best teams come to us.” Farrell will have to decide whether to inject Rudok’s significant presence into his back row or replace Bain with Josh van der Flyer or Will Connors.

In our opinion, this Irish year will be a real opportunity if Farlong starts with a tight title. If James Ryan is in good shape, stop him there with Ian Henderson and move Bayer to the blind spot where O’Mahoni was released. Van der Flyer deserves another start, but we will not complain if Farrell trades him with Connors.

Finally, wait for Sexton to swap Keith Earls for Jordan Larmer and give France the green light before they miss the match against Italy. [or sit on the bench]. If Jack Carty, to book from the middle [our preference] He doesn’t get a call, stays with Billy Burns in Rose Byrne and helps deliver.

Our Ireland team against France

15. Hugo Keenan
14. Jordan Larmore
13. Gary Ringross
12. Robbie Henshow
11. James Lowe
10. Johnny Sexton
9. Conor Murray

1. Cian Healy
2. Rob Herring
3. Thadg Farlong
4. Ian Henderson
5. James Ryan
6. Thadg Byrne
7. Josh van der Flyer
8. CJ Standard

Submarines: Ronan Keller, Dave Kilcoin, Andrew Porter, Rice Ruddock, Will Connors, Jamie Gibson-Park, Billy Burns, Keith Earls.

Watch the full episode here:

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