The strangeness of the living: this waste heap is not what you think!

Un Leptogorgia virgulata vivant. © Rob, Wikimedia commons, CC0

‘S guides Padre Island National Beach This is because pedestrians who take advantage of the beach regularly stop Waste Littering sable. This protected area, located on Padre Island off the coast of Texas, is often washed away by piles of yellow ropes. Eye Ignorant people can be easily deceived, using park guides to see these funny animals. Because it’s actually what tourists take for granted A kind of coral Nickname for the flexible, whip coral (Leptogorgia virgulata).

Whip corals are part of it Gorgonidae, And so on Corals It does not develop a skeleton Calcium carbonate, But called small jasmine components Sclerites. In adulthood they are about two feet long, but some can reach up to a meter. They are a Color Uniform white and purple to yellow to yellow, as seen on Padre Island. Under the ocean, the polyps it produces Coral Are Carnivores, They provide food Suplancton The current is suspended. Alive, they are anchored in the rocks near the shore, and the individuals who washed up on the beach are already dead.

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