The strange reason why the largest structures in the universe began to spin

The strange reason why the largest structures in the universe began to spin

Some of the giant filaments created by the “Cosmic Network” – a large network of structures that connect the galaxies in the universe – seem to be spinning strangely.

Celestial objects often orbit from planets to stars Galaxies. However, large clusters of galaxies often rotate very slowly.

A team of scientists has made the shocking discovery that some of the largest structures in the universe, cosmic filaments, revolve around their central axis like giant drills. According to research Recently published in the journal Nature Astronomy.

This structure is moving abnormally because it is not yet known

However, in the opinion of, the team does not know why these structures began to rotate or what force they had to set to move.

“We’m not sure what’s the point of this move,” said Noam Lipskind, co – author of the study. For

Lipskind, a cosmologist at the German Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics, added that scientists had previously hypothesized that each group of galaxies were the largest objects orbiting the universe that could move very slowly around their axis. This phenomenon is common in space on small scales, but this is the first.

“Cosmic filaments are vast structures that form dust particles all over the galaxy,” Lipskind told “These giant filaments are much larger than clusters.”

Lipskind is looking for possible answers, it is more difficult because some structures just seem to rotate, others are more stable. According to, the filaments gained a certain amount of momentum as they absorbed intense gravity and compressed nearby gases and dust. But that’s not the case.

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