The story of more than 75 years of abuse and death in orphanages in Ireland

The story of more than 75 years of abuse and death in orphanages in Ireland

AGI – they were Nine thousand dead children In Ireland, Between 1922 and 1998, in homes for unwed mothers Unmarried mothers They were usually separated from their young; Many who lived in an abandoned state Malnutrition and disease In shelters run by Catholic religious orders.

This was revealed in the official report published on January 12. The Irish Commission on ‘Homes for Mothers and Babies’ (SIMB) found that infant mortality rates in government-subsidized institutions were unsettling until 1988, when it operated in a Catholic-majority country.

Studying the state of these institutions from 1922 to 1998, Zimb determined that 9,000 children had died there, or 15% of those who had hosted there. Houses run by religious institutions and the Irish government Pregnant and unmarried women From community and family. Children born there often came Separated from mothers And adoption data.

Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin said the report “opens a window into Ireland’s deep polygamous culture for decades.” Martin apologizes to state in front of parliament, underscores infant mortality rate “one of them” More painful findings“Of the report.” A harsh truth in all of this, that is The whole community was involved“.

Simb denounces women as “targets” Especially severe treatments“Family members, once married, entered the institution because they were pregnant “They have no alternative”; However, here they often find that infrequent care and abandonment can even lead to the death of young children.

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