The Story of Center-Dukes St.-Etienne: Upcoming Changes

The Story of Center-Dukes St.-Etienne: Upcoming Changes

On October 2, 1979, the St. Etienne Shopping Center opened its doors. It was the largest shopping center in the region at the time. One can see 100 shops spread over an area of ​​40,000 m2. Three level catches and 1,500 parking spaces. It was a real revolution at the time. A renaissance in the city. It should be noted that the major brands were still in their infancy in the late 1970s and early 1980s. By the end of 1974, France already had 230 shopping centers with an area of ​​5 million square meters.

Over the years, due to the proliferation of real estate offers and the commercial interest of shopping centers, the ideas of leading retailers have been improved and consolidated. The leap in franchise networks in France was encouraged by the dynamism of shopping centers. Indivisible players, shopping centers and chain stores will grow together and lead to the modern commerce we know today.

Advent of BHV and the Continent

When it opened, the Center-Dukes hosted BHV et Continent, which was replaced in 1989 by Auchan. For 35 years, the building has not undergone any renovations, yet it has been recognized as an avant-garde for its time. A strong brand in the 80s and 90s. Subsequently, minor modifications were made in the 2000s and 2005s, but the DNA of Center 2 remained unchanged in St. Etienne. It has always been very popular. A success because of easy access. The tram stops just in front of the center Duke district, which is also the most populous in St. Etienne. So customers can be found here.

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2020s, fall and then rebirth

In recent years, it is no secret that the Center-Dukes are aging and the shopping center is experiencing a bad label. It is said that participation in it is bad and some people do not want to go there anymore. However, the corridors are still full despite the occasional closure of several signs that have not been replaced. So, as a solution to this, the owner of the walls, the Klepier Group Center Duke, decided to restore it to its glory. The group is investing 23 23 million in the renovation. The end of work is scheduled for the fall of 2022 with the eagerly awaited Primark in June 2022. The second is a very important place in the shopping center. The place, which has never been renovated for 42 years, is experiencing its revolution.

Advent of Primark

We were able to make a tour of the workplace and find out that 1000 tons of soil and 130 meters of concrete wall had been emptied. More space for the Primark store to become a locomotive. We also notice work with a new surface on the roof of the Center-Dukes. Great space for the Irish ready-to-wear brand. Soon, Stefanois, Stephanois and others will be able to navigate the 3,500m2 sales area (there are a total of 5,400m2 of store stocks. Two elevators and two escalators will be installed at Primark.

New look of the center Deux Saint-tienne

You should notice that the interior is in heavy construction mode. The ceiling of the Center-Duke’s has been replaced with bright LED lighting with different zones that can be cleaned and switched on or off depending on the location. In a few months, the fountain will be destroyed for more space. It will be replaced by a large square where entertainment can take place. One can imagine: showcases, daisies, concerts, meetings … the interior includes new rest areas and an elevator for caddies.

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New 3D face with light effects

The exterior will surprise more than one. The entrance doors will be modified and the front will be 3D with light effects. We should see the first progress of the front, which is under construction next March. But running shops with construction, noise and dust is not easy. Domestic teams at Center-Dux have been empowered to keep the space clean and welcoming. While waiting to see this new Center-2, new shops and new restaurants, a film showing the various stages of the shopping center is displayed at the main entrance of the building.

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