The story of a shellbone gamer and Nazi Hitler

The story of a shellbone gamer and Nazi Hitler

Analysis: Frank Brom’s Shelburn Days is the end of a career he played against Germany on the eve of World War II.

Although a few fashions were created in Ireland in the 1950s, football was an exception. For some time, it soon became fashionable to showcase their talents to world-class players at any Irish club.

Shellbone I always found the money to rent those former names to somehow dim Saturday afternoon. Participants mocked the shells, calling the association a “League of Nations”. On the other hand, there was very little entertainment at that time. Some of these imported players are very talented and others have stories to tell. Frank Brum He was one of them, and his story will be reflected over time.

Broom, who began his career at Aston Villa, has played seven times for England. “He’s a great goal scorer, fast and very dangerous in the box,” he said. From February to April 1955 he played with the Shells and earned $ 5 a week, but a newspaper reported that the Wrestling Reds were spending $ 10 a week more. It may not seem so compared to this Mesut Ozil at 50,000 350,000 Arsenal per week, But Broom can still secure his place on the team map.

Germany’s performance against England in Berlin in 1938

Although Broom Shells interacted well with fans because of his ability, he did not comment on whether he was one of the English players who gave the Nazi salute in an infamous match. Game 1938 in Berlin. The incident, which marked Brom’s debut with the team, shocked the FA, trying to find excuses and fearing that the press would later call England “sports insults”.

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The game, played in front of 115,000 spectators at the Berlin Olympic Stadium, raised high hopes in Hitler’s Germany. The home team trained for two weeks in the Black Forest to prepare for the competition, and 400,000 Germans applied for tickets. Had it not been for his previous engagement to Mussolini, Hitler would have attended. Instead, the F്യൂhrer sent his seat to Rudolf Hesson, Hermann Goring, Joseph Goebbels, and Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop.

England won the game 6-3 (Bram scored one goal), but what happened earlier caused international turmoil. While the English players are in the locker room, an FA official tells them to greet their raised hand while singing the German national anthem. At the time, Broom said: “The changing room exploded. There was some noise. The English players were angry and acted completely against it. However, the union representative returned to report that he had received a direct order from Neville Henderson, the British ambassador to Berlin, “that the political situation is so delicate now that it has only taken a spark to engulf Europe.” The players obeyed.

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From the British company Moviton, the English soccer team saluted the Nazis during the German national anthem at the 1938 game in Berlin.

Broom’s team from Aston Villa were in the stands when Birmingham invited the team to the games in Berlin, Dൽsseldorf and Stuttgart in the context of international “friendship”. Villa players were reported to have greeted the Nazis ahead of the show games, but their use of a new football tactic angered German fans. Offside trap fans mocked, whistled and shouted, and as a result of this hostility the Villa players were driven out of the stadium by Special Forces Rangers and Storm Troops.

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Fifteen months later, the “spark” Henderson was talking about was already on fire, there was a big game in Europe when Hitler invaded Poland, and the world turned upside down for the second time. The Premier League was postponed as a result of the war, but Brum remained at the time, believing that football had helped the besieged citizens regain their composure.

He was about 40 years old when he was shown playing with shells in Dublin, which meant he had to travel 240 miles every weekend. However, during his time in Dublin he made a name for himself and the Irish Times speculated that Shells would be the “leading talent the young team demands”.

Since another ruthless man who could not escape from it was on the verge of confronting an opponent, we never found out how far it would go: a crumbling budget. In mid-1955, Brum and later the club manager experienced the latest credit crunch David Jack They can return to England after being expelled (the first man they met at Wembley).

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