The storm was short and intense, leaving little hail

The storm was short and intense, leaving little hail

It lasted only a few minutes but yesterday’s storm was severe. Yesterday the storm expelled 7 to 12 liters per square meter, Depending on the areas of municipal tenure registered annually. According to information gathered from various places, it did not rain in some places Weather stations.

That, too, is hail. Small ice balls in between Yekla with a diameter of 1, 2 cm can be found in urban areas. This morning agricultural technicians are reviewing the plots to see if the storm has already been able to destroy the vineyards that Verizon passed through, and the harvesting process begins in August to November. For the moment, No significant damage was found in the agricultural sector, Although it is too early to prove it on the field itself.

Children’s area in Ladislavo Jareno Park mentioned by the local police.

Local police were in the urban area about the notable incidents Close the playground located in the Alameda area. Organs installed in the area to protect children from the sun were severed due to strong winds and hail in the area.

Also, the strong winds of the wind took away a few more umbrellas and umbrellas from private homes.

The State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) was located Orange weather warning For the Altiplano region and various parts of the region. The worst effects of the storm hit them Coastal areas of the flood-affected autonomous community.


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