The statue of Maureen O’Hara was erected and then removed immediately after criticism

The statue of Maureen O'Hara was erected and then removed immediately after criticism

This statue does not look like the famous Irish-American actress.

The small village of Glengarif in Ireland is now the center of an unsettling controversy. After erecting a tribute statue of actress Maureen Ohara … two days after the inauguration the village was forced to remove it. Outrage and anger among the natives!

Statue of Maureen O’Hara who bears no real resemblance

A work that insults the movie icon!

Maureen O’Hara

We are not touching the famous Irish actress Maureen O’Hara! Considered a monument to cinema around the world, it is, after all, a source of pride for the Irish! What could be better than celebrating her talent by erecting a statue of her in Glengarif, West Cork ം the village where she would have spent her final years in Ireland!

When the inhabitants noticed that the sculpture was in no way compatible with the Hollywood icon, it was very quickly subjected to criticism and defamatory remarks, a laudable motive!

Very soon, the canvas was later taken away: residents went to social media to share their frustrations about the statue of Maureen O’Hara. Many have expressed their belief that it is an injustice to idolize the beauty of an Irish-American actress.

For many, the statue is close to a banshee or other woman … and even an insult to the Irish-American actress.

So, two days later, the bronze statue had to be removed … without any real explanation.

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Since then, theories have been linked on social networks: will the sculpture be reconstructed in a way that is more in tune with Maureen O’Hara’s incredible beauty? Abandoned the project altogether? For the time being, questions remain… Tributes to the best Hollywood actress will have to wait

To find out now in Ireland:

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