The Starlink satellites of SpaceX will appear in the UK tonight

The Starlink satellites of SpaceX will appear in the UK tonight

The moons, which start at 7.25pm ​​tonight, will be visible in the early morning, followed by a three-day delay for three days. According to Starlink Find.

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Or, as SpaceX explains:

“Starlink service aims to reach the northern US and Canada by 2020 and is rapidly expanding to global coverage of the world’s population by 2021.”

These particular moons fly at an altitude of 550 km, about half the height of normal moons, which is often visible in the night sky.

SpaceX sent About 800 Starlink satellites into the sky, But it eventually plans to launch 12,000.

Attempts have already paid off – last week Ho Tribe in Washington State has announced for the first time that they are getting a high-speed internet connection.

Melvin Johns Ashua, The tribal vice chairman said: “We are so far away that for the last eight years I have felt that the river has been flowing with a spoon and nowhere near getting internet on reservation.

“Looks like nowhere. Space X came and took us into the 21st century.”

The tribe also took to Twitter:

Elon Musk's Starlink satellites will appear in the UK tonight
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Musk replied: “You are most welcome.”

The department posted on social media that: “How is this for creative partnership? SpaceX and HoTribe are proving that we can overcome the digital divide.

“This is an example of the projects we are working on to make high-speed Internet access available to everyone in Washington State. We can do this by working together!”

You can find out more about how to find time, dates, and moons

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