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The star of the Bab Al-Hara series broke the taboo by removing all the clothes in front of the camera.. watch

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Art – written by Saad Mahmoud – star of the Bab al-Hara series, the Syrian artist, “Shams al-Mulla”, likes to stir up controversy from time to time with the pictures and short videos he publishes through his official account. Instagram, where she deliberately appears naked and exposes large parts of her body, recently the technical accounts re-circulated a video clip of artist Shams Al Mulla, in which she appeared excitedly changing clothes in front of the camera. And in a daring way, she showcased her grace and elegance in front of the camera in a stunning array of outfits in several very exciting positions.

Shams Al Mulla appeared in a very tight dress in fuchsia and then followed it up with another orange dress in which she looked incredibly gorgeous.

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