The son of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos has won in the Philippines

The son of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos has won in the Philippines

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Ferdinand Marcos Jr., son of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos, won Monday’s presidential election in the Philippines. The released results are not yet official (official ones are available) End of month), But with almost 98 percent of the vote counted, Marcos’ victory is now assured. On the same day, it voted for vice president, and, as expected, Sarah Duterte, daughter of the outgoing dictatorial president Rodrigo Duterte, won.

As Marcos Jr. and Duterte have shown that their work is nothing more than a critique of their fathers, this is a result that has attracted much attention and concern to many observers and activists. Marcos, in particular, during the election campaign, sought to revive the violent years of his father’s rule in which tens of thousands of political opponents were persecuted or killed, sweetening them and presenting the Philippines as a kind of “golden age.”

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Unofficial election results suggest that Marcos almost got it 31 lakh votesPassed with 58.74 percent priorities. Its main rival, current Vice President Lenny Robredo, came in second with 15 million votes, now at 28.02 percent. However, this is an important consequence for Robredo. In addition to being the aim In the next campaign of misinformation on social media, Robredo was the only woman out of 10 candidates, and the gap with the others was very clear: the third candidate with the most votes, the famous former boxing champion Mani Pacquiao, scored less than 7 percent. Of the vote.

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Robredo was one of the most important spokesmen for the opposition to Duterte. She is a human rights spokeswoman, and in these elections she presented herself as the “heir” of the democratic part of the country’s history, the movements that led to the protests against Marcos and his ouster and the restoration of democracy. His Speech After the polls closed, Robredo encouraged his constituents to start believing that things could change, without seeing the election result as a failure.

During the election campaign, Marcos introduced himself as a leader Unified During a time of deep economic crisis, the country can be “revived.” Despite his suggestions Rather vagueMore energy was spent reviewing the father’s dictatorship, especially on social media, and so on. Youth groups Of a population that did not live directly in those years.

As for Duterte’s success as vice president, it may have added weight Popularity Although the years of his presidency were very controversial. This result worries many human rights activists: Second Someone AnalyzingHis election will help his father maintain his influence in the politics of the country.

Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Duterte will take office on June 30: The Philippine Constitution states that they will rule for a maximum of one or two terms, respectively.

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