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Natalie Simon and Citizen Action Candidates (Photo – Screenshot)

Former mayor Nathalie Simon is vying for the post of mayor of Chateaugui in the next municipal elections in November. The Citizen Action Party will have eight candidates for the councilor position. They come from different backgrounds and social backgrounds. Here is a brief overview of each of them.

District 1 in La Nue: Nick Minotti. Simon said he has been a resident of Chattanooga for a long time and has worked in sports organizations all his life. He was particularly involved with Sreenerus, who visited sick children in hospitals as a clown.

Philgate District 2: Patricia Martino. This young mother from Chattanooga is currently vice president of the Irish Town Association and affiliated with the Canadian Cancer Society.

Robotal’s District 3: Samuel Kwansa. Mr. Kwansa comes from a business background and works for the Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD). Among other things, he thinks and produces financial information.

Bumblebee District 4: Madeleine Chalmel. Mrs. Chalmel, a longtime resident of Chattanooga, has lived there for 46 years. She is a newly retired entrepreneur.

“She and her husband had a business in Industrial Park for 25 years, and before that she ran a business at the Regional Center,” Simon said.

In addition to having a restaurant, Miss Chalmel volunteered to help citizens pay their taxes properly.

Salaberry District 5: Sandrine Lacoste-Bisonette. He is the youngest recruiter in the Citizen Action Party. The girl is 28 years old. According to the former mayor of Chategue, although her track record is not as impressive due to her age, Miss Lacoste-Bisonette is closely associated with leisure organizations working for young people with intellectual disabilities.

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Long District 6: Michael McGinn. He has lived in Chattanooga for 20 years and has volunteered for various local organizations and schools and participated in various fundraising campaigns.

“He is currently the President of the Irish Heritage Association of Chateaugui et Valley, and for many years has been organizing St.-Patrick’s Day and Canada Day Parade,” Mrs. Simon added.

District 7 of Lemo: Yvonne Girard. He was more involved in sports and was president of the Minor Baseball Association in town. Mr. Girard was very active in the community and was also a sports coach and referee.

Uville District 8: Matthew Durivej. The 31-year-old is a native of Chattanooga. For many generations he has worked in the field of transporting people like his family.

“His grandfather or great-grandfather set up an Oxford taxi, which can be found here in Chattanooga,” says Natalie Simon.

He also sat on the board of Transport Access et al.

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