The SNP has won the Scottish elections for the fourth time in a row. Sturgeon: “Nothing justifies a ‘no’ to the independence referendum”

The SNP has won the Scottish elections for the fourth time in a row.  Sturgeon: "Nothing justifies a 'no' to the independence referendum"

That’s it Scottish National Party Will win re-election, but no hope Absolute majority In the Edinburgh Parliament, Scottish separatists would have been given more power to demand a new one. Referendum on partition Since Great Britain, London PM still rejects, Boris Johnson. According to the calculations made BBC, Formation First Minister Scottish, Nicola Sturgeon. ‘No’ to the referendum.

The predictions of the British media are that as the official announcement is about to be finalized and decided, it is hoped that the minority share of the seats alleged by the voting in the tables will be paid with the compensation system. In the majority of colleges (SNP is almost full). According to the figures, Sturgeon’s party remains two seats from the absolute majority, the same number as five years ago, and one seat less than the 2010 absolute record (64).

The second power in Parliament Edinburgh Johnson, with 31 seats, remains Conservative, as he did in 2016 Care Stormer They lose 2 seats and stop at 22 Provided The Scots, who have been allies of the separatists in recent times, are in favor of a second referendum on secession, although they have slightly different tones and conditions than the SNP. Do not exceed 4 i as they move backwards one by one Liberal Democrats.

The First Minister He commented on the outcome of the vote “There are no justificationsIt could block a new referendum to liberate Scotland from the United Kingdom. Sturgeon quoted the British media as saying that there was “no doubt there is a pro-independence majority” in the Scottish Parliament: “There is no democratic justification for Boris Johnson or anyone else to try to block the right. People decide their future – he said – to any politician a Westminster Who wants to go that route, I say two things. First, do not go into confrontation with the SNP, but with the democratic aspirations of the Scottish people. Second, you will not succeed. The only people who can decide the future of Scotland are the Scottish people, and no Westminster politician can get in or out of the way. “

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