The Snapdragon 888 surpasses the Exynos 2100 in all tests

The Snapdragon 888 surpasses the Exynos 2100 in all tests

It’s been almost a month since Samsung announced its launch Exynos 2100, Its new flagship processor for mobile devices ensures that no one can claim to be inferior to its main competitor. Snapdragon 888 From Qualcomm.

Introduced by Anandech on the hardware analysis site Test Comprehensive comparison between two chips using both versions of Galaxy S21 Ultra Samsung – and found that the company could not really fulfill the promise.

On paper, the Exynos 2100 is considered to be stronger than the Snapdragon 888, thanks to the high clock speed on all cores – but in performance testing, Qualcomm passed almost all tests that measure processor performance and power consumption, with a high margin of 18 and a low range of 35% high performance.

A particularly interesting comparison is in tests that measure the performance of each core type separately: Qualcomm’s X1 Core surpasses Samsung’s core in all performance and power tests, while Samsung’s three A78 Cores beat Qualcomm by a significant margin in performance testing. In general, Samsung’s weaker cores perform better than faster cores, so users can expect that with longer use, as the load gradually shifts to these cores, Samsung’s processor will perform better – albeit at a higher power consumption.

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The researchers said that Samsung’s Galaxy S21 processor was heating up and limiting speed earlier than Qualcomm, and for fun, they tried to put Samsung’s processor-based device in the freezer, with a Qualcomm processor-based standard fan on the table. Only then will Samsung’s processor be able to deliver a performance similar to that of its rival.

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The performance of Samsung’s Mali G78 graphics processor is not comparable to that of the Adreno 660 on Qualcomm’s chip, although in long-term use the differences between them are much smaller than the companies’ previous chips.

The battery consumption test has not been further updated: the Exynos 2100-based device uses more battery than the Snapdragon 888 in all the tasks that PCs measure (screen, browsing, video, image editing, text and processing information). The battery life of the version with Samsung’s new processor is not only better than the same model with Qualcomm processor, but also more than an hour apart, and even worse than the Galaxy S20 Ultra with Exynos 990.

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