The snake wraps around the dog’s nose and the owner calls a specialist to remove it Biodiversity

The snake wraps around the dog's nose and the owner calls a specialist to remove it  Biodiversity

The animal’s owner called Ireland, worried, and the situation was resolved calmly and carefully. He quickly gained the dog’s trust and removed the snake. He then gives the dog a cookie as a reward for his efforts and his fear.

Pictures that can be seen At this link, already has more than 3 million views and has received nearly 3,000 comments. One of the users of the social network, surprised by the dog’s calmness, said that her dog would surely turn its head frantically and try to escape from the reptile. Another comment said: I was happy to see how well he treats both animals.

Snake wranglers are a small group of volunteers who catch unwanted snakes that enter people’s homes and take them to suitable places where they can live well.

According to the Animal Emergency Center (AEC), dogs and snakes don’t usually get along. “Dogs are fascinated by snakes because they really are like a battery-operated toy! But interactions between a snake and a dog often end badly for the snake — but in some cases an encounter with a snake ends badly for the dog,” reads a statement on the entity’s website.

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