The “smuggler” is 40 tons of tobacco rolling in Europe.

The "smuggler" is 40 tons of tobacco rolling in Europe.

Tobacco, trucks, tax authorities. A priori, there is no common meaning between these three terms. However, there is one: the German octogenarian includes the verb “roll.” The 84-year-old is suspected of selling a 40-ton roll he bought in Luxembourg between 2017 and the end of 2020 — selling his own tobacco and selling it by truck to Great Britain and Ireland. German tax authorities. The “smuggler”, nicknamed “by some German media outlets”, was an area logist who demolished the prosecutor’s office in Lorak and customs in Stuttgart, the newspaper ‘s Deutsche Zeitung revealed.

The tax loss is estimated at 2.8 million euros

The system was simple. These residents, from Baden-Wട്ടെrttemberg in southwestern Germany, got hand-rolled tobacco in cheap Luxembourg. Thanks to the connections of a transport company, the Octogenarian would have shipped large quantities of this product via Germany to Great Britain and Ireland, where it would have escaped network taxes by forging tobacco labeling or concealing it among other goods. An interesting combination for crooks, a big downside to public authorities. The smugglers, who knew that the tax on tobacco in Germany was 70 euros per kilo, lost 2.8 million euros in taxes to this country. This amount would be even higher in Great Britain.

In fact, tax inequality in EU countries seems to have been exploited by criminals. There is a minimum, voted in 2011, but there is no unified tax on tobacco. It promotes transportation between low-cost countries and high-cost countries. In September 2020, the grandfather of a logistician had already tested and intercepted 800 kg of tobacco in France. This product also attracts smugglers. For example, its ban in Spain exploded. It is offered on social networks and delivered by post. 4T captured in 2020. A German octogenarian, a 59 – year – old associate, said we were far from attributed to the region, which hid money in machine parts and secured transactions.

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