The skyscrapers that tossed NY’s super-rich have a luxurious interior; Look

The skyscrapers that tossed NY’s super-rich have a luxurious interior;  Look

Its billionaire inhabitants 432 Park Avenue, also known as Billionaire Row (Billionaires Avenue) in Manhattan (New York), is a skyscraper. The real estate developers responsible for the project. They gave a fortune for the apartments, some measuring 195.1 square meters and offering panoramic views of the Hudson River and Central Park and many luxuries.

The case would have ended up in court with a series of unresolved issues in the residence – depending on the piece, the list of issues would reach 1.5 thousand cases. Complaints include damaged elevators, flooding, power outages and excessive noise. But billionaires claim that their large square meters carry more “challenges” than these.

432 Park Avenue has been plagued by controversy over its infrastructure problems

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Inside the apartments, the arrangement is luxurious: spacious bedrooms, viewable bathrooms, large living rooms and kitchens, highlighted by windows that give a unique view of Manhattan Island.

The unit owners of the luxury building are singer and actress Jennifer Lopez and Saudi celebrity Fawaz Al Hokair.

Below is a video showing the interior of the building’s roof, valued at $ 169 million (approximately R $ 903 million).

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