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The six-month new Corona virus plan imposes limits on home visits and the reopening of Dublin Pubs

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Under the government’s new, five-level corona virus plan, Dublin will impose additional restrictions on home visits, indoor gatherings and care home visits when wet pubs in the capital are closed.

“How do we live and how do we deal with the virus?” Said Michael Martin, the government’s Medium Living with Kovid-19 program.

The scale scheme of controls from Level 1 to Level 5 is included, while Level 5 is the hardest. Different levels can be implemented depending on the conditions in the coming months. Currently the country is at level 2.

Despite serious concerns from ministers about the increase in cases in Dublin in the coming weeks, the cabinet withdrew from moving the capital to Level 3 and set several additional conditions for capital without changing the level instead.

“The current Covid numbers in Dublin are very worrying and the government has decided today to introduce additional measures (for the capital),” Martin said.

Tennis leo Varadkar said pubs in other parts of the country would reopen as planned on September 21 and that more than 200 people would be allowed to attend the event at the large Doddoor Stadium in a stadium such as Croke Park.

The virus has increased tenfold in Dublin over the past month. Without preventive measures, “hospital admissions, ICU admissions, and deaths will be the second wave.”

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