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The shape of a strange space object over the skies of Morocco, is it a meteor or a missile? The astronomer answers – Day 24

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On Monday night, a space object appeared above the skies of several cities across the country, raising eyebrows and questioning citizens, in the form of a bright fireball about this strange object.

Zuhair Bencaldon, director of the Center for Astronomy’s Okaimeden, said the spacecraft could be a rocket or a satellite.

In a statement issued by the Astronomical Center Okaimden on “Today 24”, the Astronomical Center Okaimeden has already taken pictures of a space object flying over the skies of Morocco.

The same spokesman often divides space objects that penetrate into the atmosphere into two parts, the first part being natural-made space objects, i.e. a shooting star that turns into a meteorite after penetrating the earth.

For the second category, man-made space objects, such as a rocket, or obsolete satellite in space, thus penetrate the atmosphere and fall to Earth after its ignition.

But the difference between space objects, created by nature, or man-made, is that natural objects burn faster when penetrated into the atmosphere, which, unlike the others, is man-made, which explains why the speaker’s preference for the body itself was created by the space man who appeared last night, be it a missile or a satellite.

As for the bright light that resembles a bright fireball, the director of the Astronomical Observatory, Okinden, commented that when any space object penetrates into the atmosphere, it burns directly, or about a corresponding fire or a similar explosion.

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