The set of the TV series “Fate: The Winx Saga” Places in Ireland

The set of the TV series "Fate: The Winx Saga" Places in Ireland

You really need a fairytale space to show a fairy world. What better place to set up the Netflix TV series “Fate: The Winx Saga” than in Ireland, with scenic landscapes, trees that hide fairies and goblins, and palaces that look straight from fairy tale books?

We are in the ancient East of Ireland, where Bloom (played by actress Abigail Cowan, red-haired, looks like a real Irishman) must adapt to life at World Magic College and learn to control her dangerous forces.

The Magical World is actually the world Wicklow County. Kilderry House, a boarding school, and Powercourt Estate in the same city were selected as locations, with two attractive attractions.Ancient East of Ireland.

It dates from the eighteenth century Powercourt Gardens Spread over an area of ​​47 acres, it has Italian and Japanese gardens, waterfalls, tree-lined pergolas, statues, ornamental lakes, and over 200 different trees and shrubs. Situated at the foot of the Wicklow Mountains, this beautiful place is included in the compiled rankings Lonely Planet Among the top 10 residential buildings in the world, the estate ranks third on the list of top 10 gardens National Geographic.

Kilrudery H.S. Instead, there are seventeenth-century Italian gardens, as well as a biodiversity farm, flower beds, ponds and a garden. The best set for a series dedicated to Winx fairies.

The ancient east of Ireland, not too far away Dublin, Is an area between the Shannon River and the Irish Sea. It tells the 5,000-year history of Green Island, thanks to icons such as a 6th-century monastery residence. Glendlow, County Wicklow, or 5,200-year-old tomb Newgrange, The county is located in the Boyne Valley of Meath, especially to witness the incredible view of winter.

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It is also a land of mysteries with castles that seem to come out of a movie, hiking and UNESCO heritage archeological sites.

For those who love the best dooddoor, the Waterford Greenway is 46 km to Waterford, the oldest city in Ireland, the longest hiking and biking route in the country.

You can board a historic train Belmont Grand Hibernian, A real taste of the Green Island on a voyage from Dublin to the ancient East on a journey called “A Taste of Ireland”.

“Verdict: Winx Saga” is not just a TV series in Ireland. This land offers the best natural sets to immortalize in movie or TV. We remember Saga in one of the most successful series “Power game“,“The Vikings“And some scenes from the movies”Star Wars”Ed“ Harry Potter ”.

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