The series will pay tribute to the best movies of 2019 for Halloween episodes

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Like every year, the epic series The Simpsons Join us soon for his long awaited special Halloween episode. Map Growing’s team has the opportunity to give us a digest of pop culture. This time, The Simpsons Pay homage to the best movies of 2019.

The Simpsons : Already a cult parody

The series began in the United States The Simpsons I will not show you much Its success is worldwide. Running, Season 33 is currently airing, And by the way South Park, I’m not ready to stop there these days – an episode airs in the US this weekend Halloween Special, U.S.n Semi-National Conference in Uncle Sam’s CountryYou qualify for the category under your own name, Simpsons Horror Show With France Horror Treehouse In the original language of the series. In these episodes, families are usually drawn into situations involving various forms of terrorism, Parody of many cult movies and series..This year is a high quality dish The Simpsons I want to offer you.

Of course it is Korean cinema Parasites This weekend’s menu, Join a long list of works that have been parodied during the Halloween special Series 4D, Oyso, Harry Potter, Spiderman, Strangers OrE Jurassic Park, Split, Occupy de Tomb Blasphemy Or The shape of the water. The film Parasites From the director Bong Jun Ho Becomes Due to its popularity in the United States, movie stars are now filming spin-off movies with local actors and the HBO series. In the presence of Mark Raffaello (MCU Hulk). The trailer for the episode was posted on Si’s official Simpsons Twitter account.

It’s time to celebrate the annual rituals that have become an annual tradition! More scary than ever …

October 7, 2021

Parasites : The beginning of Korean exports?

The trailer is more clear on Korean film parody Parasites.. So we can see that many factors clearly refer to it. The Simpsons are invited to a large affluent mansion where they can relax. Take a trailer to the coffee table, badly flooded apartments, pots and stairs to the basement. This episode will not air on its own, which is sad. Other episodes will be with him and her, A parody of the “ring”.

Parody “The Simpsons” “Parasite”, “The Ring”, “Tick Tock”, latest work “Bambi” “Tree House of Horror”

October 4, 2021

If 2019 was rich with very good movies (The Joker, Once upon a time in Hollywood as well as Irish), Bong Jun-ho’s film won four Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director., And the foreign film Caesar. Then, a remarkable achievement.

Hard to lose Today’s Korean culture..Waiting for Parasites Marked the spirits between 2019 and 2020, this is a series Squid game Who will take over Netflix Now this is a weekend getaway, and then a few weeks, The most watched series on Netflix in 2021..Thank her In South Korea, Netflix is ​​currently facing criminal proceedings for taxing bandwidth usage.. The story behind this play is explained in this article.

The series will pay tribute to the best movies of 2019 for Halloween episodes

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