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The seller of his skin magazine

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The man who sold the skin
Pictures by Samuel Gold‌
Rotten Tomatoes Related and BigApple Reviewed by: Harvey Carton
Director: Qawatar bin Haniyeh
Author: Qawatar bin Hania
Commentary: Yahya Maheni, Dia Leon, Coen de Bow, Monica Bellucci, Saad Losten, Darina Al Joundi, Jan Dah, Christian Vadim
Selected: Critics Link, New York City, 02/21/21
Tunisia wins 93rd Academy Awards

Sylvia Sims sang the opening classic song: “You would never think they’d go together / But they certainly / Toss English Donuts / Irish Soup” The best chefs know how to mix a lot of things they haven’t tried in years. Similarly, stories bring together groups of different sects, nationalities and religions. Surprisingly, they sometimes find a common ground. Director Kauter Ben Honey’s sophomore film Tunisia’s entry into the 93rd Academy Awards is an example. Sam Ali (Yahya Mahaini), a poor and uneducated Syrian man arrested for inciting a comrade to riot on a train, is mixed with world-famous contemporary artist Jeffrey Godfroy (Queen of Po). They discover that they can do business together profitably, but by signing an agreement representing a document linking Foster to Mephistopheles, the persecuted Arab sells his soul and is eventually humiliated. where is it? When Syria, Lebanon and Belgium enter into an agreement, Ben Honey’s first film, Camels and Dogs, finds a university student brutally assaulted by police officers, becoming a more international resonant theme.

The original title, which translates directly into English, is “The Man Who”, and Sam starts overdosing on a train full of people enjoying the storm when he declares his love for his neighbor Abir (Dia Lean). His love is guaranteed, and in a moment of joy he demands freedom for Syria and is arrested. In fact, the story revolves around the question of whether Sam himself was a free man or someone who later lost his dignity. As our boss says, here’s the deal: When Sam gets out of jail and meets Jeffrey Godfrey (Queen of Boy) and his majestic assistant Saroya (Monica Bellucci) in Lebanon, he is offered an extraordinary job. The artist experienced a large scanning visa on Sam’s back. Sam invited Jeffrey and Soraya to come to museums and galleries, exposing their backs and humiliating their heads. Instead, Sam can travel throughout Europe and receive a large commission when he sells works of art to collectors. This is a completely new form of slavery, leading an organization opposed to the exploitation of Syrian refugees to take legal action for not abusing one of its citizens.

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The so-called left-wing politicians today describe capitalism as nothing more than a commodity turned into a commodity, and perhaps this film is being used for their purpose. Still, Sam says he can stay in five-star hotels, some say “buy and sell”, Sam enjoys room service caviar, but in the end (moviegoers) regret his contract. The Fostian Chord. See: Sam became a celebrity and was able to meet in Soroya, Brussels – marrying a wealthy diplomat from the embassy in Brussels, Siad (Saad Lustan), made a Fawcett deal.

The last moments come as the silent fireworks display turns into a stunning climax. The dark humor of the film leads to a satisfying result. It is a bold and original work, full of twists and turns and excellent performances, especially in his second full narrative performance from Mahaini.

English with Arabic, French, Flemish and English subtitles (will be displayed when you speak English!)

103 minutes. © 2021 par Harvey Carton, Membrane, New York Film Critics Online Online

History – A-
Acting – Prof.
Technician – A-
In general – A-

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