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The scientific world is debating the origins of the Covid-19 outbreak

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The scientific world is debating it! Origins of the Covid-19 Pandemic…

The 58-page article published in The Lancet, prepared by 28 scientists from around the world, emphasizes that the origin of Covid-19 is still unknown and that identifying it will not only clarify the current epidemic but also future outbreaks. Strategies to stop them.

The article recalled that in the first hypothesis, it was thought to be the covid, pointing out that both the hypothesis that the virus could spread through natural means or from the laboratory are still valid and that further investigations are needed on the matter. -19 is transmitted from bats to humans and then from humans to humans.

The article stated that a second hypothesis was the spread of Covid-19 due to research activities, which could occur either because a researcher became infected while collecting samples in the field or when the virus samples were taken from nature. Working with genetically modified viruses in the laboratory.

“Developments in biotechnology make it possible to create dangerous viruses”

The article states, “Advances in biotechnology over the past 20 years have made it possible to create new and highly dangerous pathogens, including genetic manipulations. As laboratory technologies rapidly advance, many scientists are warning of the dangers of the controlled and controlled spread of SARS-CoV-like viruses and other infectious pathogens.

“Practical and transparent research should be done on the origin of the virus”

Emphasizing that no independent, transparent and scientifically-based investigations have been conducted into the outbreak of Covid-19 and previous viruses such as SARS, the article noted: “Laboratory notes, databases, e-mail records, and samples from institutions involved in such studies have not been opened to independent researchers. Independent researchers have not, so far, disclosed US laboratories or SARS-CoV-like There is no focus on the laboratory manipulation of the viruses or the details of the laboratory research conducted in Wuhan. The virus was carried out by international teams from virology, epidemiology, bioinformatics and other related fields and required impartial, independent, transparent and rigorous work with the support of all governments.

On the other hand, accompanying the article, Jeffrey Sachs, chairman of the Lancet Commission and an economist at Columbia University, said that he was convinced that the virus did not come from nature, but from a US biotechnology laboratory that had a worldwide impact.

“The overwhelming opinion of the scientific world is that the virus is transmitted by natural means”

Turkish scientists have weighed in on the claims, sparking debate over the outbreak’s origins.

Lancet Commission Member, European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Board Member Prof. Dr. Onder Ergonel pointed out that Sachs is generally critical of US policies.

Ergonel said joint research was carried out, recalling the disappearance of SARS-CoV-1 seen in 2003 without spreading after a year and finding a specific sequence of the virus to prevent it. laboratory in Wuhan with support from the US National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Stating that there has been criticism of the NIH’s failure to share details of these studies, in the article and at the core of Sachin’s statements, Ergonel said, “Despite all claims, the main opinion of scientists is that this virus is transmitted naturally. .This is my opinion.It is very important to discuss it and discuss it transparently and openly.We are after the truth, we cannot say for sure whether this or that, but the prevailing opinion now is that it is of natural origin. “

Prof. Dr. Ergonel said that as KUISCID, a meeting titled “New Infections” will be held in Istanbul on January 19 and 20 with the participation of world-renowned scientists and the origin of the Covid-19 epidemic in all its aspects will be discussed here.

“Detailed work needs to be done on this issue”

Hacetep University Faculty of Medicine Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology Department Teacher Prof. Dr. Murat Akova said, “The lack of scientific data to prove both points of view clearly reveals the need for more detailed studies on this issue. Without sufficient data and evidence, it is speculative to claim that this virus is a mutant that came out of the laboratory. And infected humans.”

Pointing out that providing transparent access to all information about the origin of the epidemic would eliminate doubts and debates on the matter, the article also states that “the disease spreads very quickly due to reasons such as the need to prepare. There are also criticisms that future pandemics, some shortcomings in the early stages of Covid-19 and the inability to respond quickly enough “have led to millions of deaths. I agree with these criticisms in principle and I think lessons should be learned from them.” He said.

“Approach and collaboration are key to Outlook”

Turkish Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Member, Assoc. Dr. Siran Keske recalled that at the beginning of the epidemic, there were discussions about the origin of Covid-19, and at that time a team from the World Health Organization (WHO) went to Wuhan, but China was not allowed access to the Wuhan Institute. Virology.

The World Health Organization later published a report saying there was no evidence the virus originated in a laboratory and that it was thought to be transmitted by natural means, and Keske emphasized that Sachs’s statements were effective in re-opening the debate about the origins of Covid. 19 After a long time.

Asst. Dr. Pointing out that the Lancet Commission’s article, which is the sum of 2 years of studies, contains many criticisms of the WHO about the epidemic, Keske said: “It covers 1-1.5 pages of statements about the origin of the virus. “The report takes into account all the possibilities,” Keske said. It is still not known which of these possibilities caused the epidemic.’ In fact, without any evidence in such a matter, we say, “I think so.”It is absolutely wrong to say that science must be skeptical of everything and evaluate all possibilities, but it is most harmful to science when some responsible people make skeptical opinions without strong evidence.

In addition to all this, there is the obvious fact that the approach to epidemics, cooperation and priorities are very important. Otherwise, it becomes clear how much people are affected by statements that may cause irritation.

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