The School of Ireland offers 100 scholarships to Brazilians

The School of Ireland offers 100 scholarships to Brazilians

If you want to study English abroad, open applications for the Irish Language School Seda College Noor Program Exchange Scholarships Only for Brazilians to study in Dublin, Ireland. Registration is available until April 15.

Out of the total scholarships, ten are full scholarships, up to $ 15,000, 90 are partial scholarships and discounts of up to 50%.

How to apply?

To apply for the scholarship, applicants must be at least 18 years of age and fill out a form to apply. Sign up through the Seda Dream Program website. The registration fee is R $ 97 and you get three months of unlimited access School Online Platform, There are more than 60 English courses at all levels.

Once the registration is complete, the selection process will take place in two stages. The first involves applying the following tests:

  • April 24: English test
  • April 25: Evidence of general knowledge about Ireland

In the second step, two tests are performed:

  • May 1: Logic test and another about Seda College.
  • May 2: Experiment at Silk College

How to check the result?

In addition to the full scholarships, the value of the partial scholarships, which can reach up to 50%, will be defined based on the total points of each candidate in the General Knowledge, Logic and Ceda College Tests. It should be noted that the English exam score is used only to assess the status of each student.

The election results will be announced on May 5 via Seda Dream’s social networks. On the same day, after opening the enrollment, the vacancies will be closed in the vacant order.

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Transfer during Kovid-19 pandemic

The epidemic has also affected Ireland, a destination for many Brazilians seeking to study and work abroad. Coronavirus.

With restrictions on international travel, selected students will have the option to extend the start of the exchange for up to 12 months or to renew the departure date if necessary.

* The phrase “Irish School offers 100 Exchange Scholarships exclusively for Brazilians” was first published on the Na Pratica portal by Fantao Estudor.

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