The School for Good and Evil: Kit Young talks about his experience in Netflix movies

The School For Good and Evil : Kit Young évoque son expérience sur le film Netflix

Kit Young, Attends the convention Virtual 2 goes on a storm of crows and shadows Of Imperial Conventions Submitting for the series Shadow and bone, Had the opportunity to talk about his experience on the set of another literary adaptation of literature School of good and evil. We tell you more.

Good and bad school?

Made by Soman Chinani, Literary Saga School of good and evil, Known in France School full of good and evil, Follows Sophie and Agatha, abducts two girls on a dark stormy night, and joins a school that trains fairy-tale characters.

Sophie, a beautiful woman with beautiful hair, is convinced that she will enter a good school, and a niggling and lonely girl named Agatha is pre-arranged in the school of evil. Judgment decided something else, and this mistake may reveal their true nature.

Kit Young reflects on his experience at the School for Good and Evil

Kit Young Going from one literary adaptation to another for Netflix. After playing Jasper Fahe Shadow and bone, British actor selected to join as actor School of good and evil.

In this film directed by Paul Fegg (Freaks and geeks), He snarls at Raffles and shrugs Sophia Ann Caruso (37), Sophia Wiley (High School Musical: The Musical – Series), Kerry Washington (Bribery), Charles Theron (The monster), Michelle Yeh | (Star Trek) Or Lawrence Fishbone (Matrix). A visually captivating four-star cast Kit Young.

Photo Credit: Netflix

About Kerry Washington, Admitting that the presenter of Professor Dovey arrived on set with 400 cups of cakes on the team on the very first day. Regardless of your status, it is a sign of non-transient attention as it indicates that the actress is thanking everyone after a day of work. It is amazing to see the professionalism and attention of an actress with such a career.

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after that Kit Young Talked about his cooperation Charles Theron And Lawrence Fishbone. So he met for the first time Charles Theron I couldn’t believe it because they were both dressed up. As for that Lawrence Fishbone, Kit Young He considers him as his mentor and friend. It’s a privilege to grow up seeing Matrix. Moreover, he will repeatedly insist on the kindness of this actor.

In the movie itself, Kit Young As with all literary adaptations, differences from the original material will be indicated. The main reason given by the actor was that the first book was particularly long and the production cost would have been much higher if everything had to be matched.

The film School of good and evil Reach Netflix in 2022. As soon as we know the exact date, we will let you know.

In addition to the quote: The actors in the film Prisons and Dragons Owned the same hotel during filming in Northern Ireland. Opportunity to meet in the corridors Chris Pine (Star Trek), Hugh Grant (Reversing), Michelle Rodriguez (fast and Furious) Or Reggae-gene page (The Brigartens Chronicle).

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