The scene where Mars and Venus appear for years today

வான் மண்டலத்தில் அரிய நிகழ்வு: செவ்வாய், வெள்ளி கிரகங்கள் அருகருகே இன்று தோன்றும் காட்சி

Mars and Venus have been appearing for years as a rare phenomenon in the atmosphere. This amazing scene can be seen with the naked eye.


Many wonderful things are happening in the sky. Many of them are invisible to the naked eye. Some can be seen through a telescope. Some can be seen with the naked eye. This (Tuesday) evening there is an amazing sky show to enjoy with the naked eye.

That is, the planets orbit the sun around the earth. The distance between each planet varies. Thus, as the planets move in their respective orbits, it is as if the nearest planet is overtaking the distant planet.

At that moment both planets are visible for years. This evening, Venus and the farthest Mars have been seen for years. Then the angle between them will be less than one degree.

If you look west from the terrace of the house after sunset this evening, you will see the moon matching the light. The farthest Mars light seems to be very close to Venus. This amazing scene can be seen with the naked eye.

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