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The “Sausage King” of Russia was killed by a crossbow in his home sauna

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Investigators say a Russian aristocrat, nicknamed the “Sausage King”, was killed by a crossbow in Sana’a after masked robbers broke into his home. The man and his wife were in their banya – a traditional Russian sauna – when several masked men entered outside Moscow and tied them up and “asked them to leave the money they had kept at home,” Russia’s commission of inquiry said.

Alexander Marugov shows a photo posted on Facebook with his father, Vladimir Marugov. The elder was reportedly killed on November 2, 2020, at a home near Moscow, and in 2019 Alexander died in a motorcycle accident.

Facebook / Alexander Marugov

His wife was able to alert police who found his body, the committee said in a statement.

Investigators arrested the crossbow who shot him while inspecting the scene.

The robbers escaped in the victim’s car, which was found near the town of Istra, west of Moscow.

Russian news agencies reported that a suspect had been arrested on Monday evening.

The committee investigating the major crimes did not reveal the name of the victim, but the Russian media reported that Vladimir Marugo, known as the “Sausage King” and owner of several meat processing factories, was in the Russian media.

Alexander the Great’s eldest son dies in a motorcycle accident in Moscow in 2019, BBC News reports.

The UK’s Guardian newspaper reported that an elderly man was found lying on his bed during a search of a home belonging to a detainee last evening.

The Guardian quoted the commission of inquiry as saying that he had told police he had been handed over to a criminal group in connection with his Moscow apartment deal.

The committee said the accused in custody was refusing to cooperate with the authorities.

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