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The Saints’ in-form hopes to win at Burnley

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Reuters: Striker Danny Ings said the first points of Southampton’s new Premier League campaign in the 1-0 win over Burnley on Saturday were a great launch pad for better results.

In-form Ings scored a goal for his former club in the fifth minute to continue his excellent chlorination for the Saints, who have scored 25 of 54 goals since the start of last season.

It was a great pick-me-up for Southampton, who finished 11th last season, but the 2020-21 league campaign started with two defeats – including Tottenham Hotspur’s 5-2 home defeat last weekend.

“It’s really going to get us started, so we can get back to our rhythm. As we accelerate, we’m a dangerous team to play for,” Ings told Sky Sports on Saturday.

“It’s always hard to get into your rhythm because the pre – season is broken. Especially the way we play – you need a lot of fitness. I think it’s coming now, and I hope it’s a good start to some speed.”

Saints boss Ralph Hassenhwell said the English transfer window, which has been linked to the British media to move to Tottenham, is not going anywhere.

“Danny will be with us for a long time. That’s all I can say, ”the Austrian added.

“I often talk about his development … we should always pay attention to the fact that we are more than English. He scores for us, and we work for him, and Che (Adams) was a great help.

“We worked very hard. It’s important. Then we play together. We’re a good team. It’s important to stay fit, and then he will always be there to score.”

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(Report by Srivastava Sreedhar in Bangalore; Editing by Stephen Coates)

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