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“The Russians plundered”. Italian-Maltese goods end up in separatist hands

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L ‘Heavy load The steel for Italy reached the hands of the Russians, and the ship on which it was smuggled. Kidnapped, request, “Stolen“Italian ship owner Augusto Kozulich Does not use different words and speaks accurately “Theft“Goods Sarevna, Owned by the Genoese group “Fratelli Kozulich”, was stolen from its owners by the government of the self-proclaimed republic of Donetsk and now intends to nationalize it. The large ship, which has been docked at Mariupol harbor since February 24, is now ready to leave for the Russian port of Rostov. In fact, an assault is taking place.

Merchant, Button Maltese flag But owned by Italy, it was to reach the port of Monfalcon with 15,000 tons of slabs set aside for the rolling mills at San Giorgio de Nogaro. Moreover, that material has a symbolic value and commercial value because it was one of the final products of the steel mill. Azovstal. Yet it never reached our port. “The news is that the Russians are carrying all the ships and cargoThe announcement was made by Augusto Kozulich, the leader of the self-proclaimed “Donetsk People’s Republic”, Denis Pushlin.

Today, 2,500 tons of hot rolled sheet rolls left the port of Mariupol and the ship sailed for Rostov.The separatist leader said in a telegram Nationalization Of the foreign ships remaining in Mariupol (including Sarevna), the Donetsk Republic will have its own merchant ship. Via Subsidiary Vulcania – to Italian Group, which acquired the cargo, Damage This is very important: according to the owner, the value of the ship is about $ 9 million, while the cargo is worth about $ 12 million.

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They told me that the government of the new Donetsk Republic was going to nationalize. Basically and in a nutshell it is They steal In defiance of international law. We contacted the Maltese Prime Minister, who is officially protesting in Moscow. But since it is Italian property, we are happy that the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is doing the same“On the Italian political front, the story immediately took a turn for the worse. In particular, the president of the Liguria region spoke about the incident. Giovanni Totti.

What happens to the Sarevna ship owned by the Genoa-based Fratelli Kozulich Group? Unacceptable Seriously: The government ship of the new Republic of Donetsk is in danger of being nationalized, i.e. stolen from Italian owners“, Totti confirmed. Again:”As President of the Liguria Region, I extend all my solidarity to the Genoese ship owner with whom I am in contact and assure you of my commitment to the Government.“The governor of Liguria has assured that he has been in touch with the foreign minister Luigi de MayoWhich – he added – “We have already assured Furnacina of all efforts to avert this significant damage to our country and to any of the major Italian shipping groups.“.

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