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The Russian cargo ship Progress arrived at the space station after a two-day voyage

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A Russian unmanned cargo spacecraft arrives International Space Station After a two-day journey to deliver food, fuel and supplies to the post crew,

On Thursday (July 1) the cargo ship Progress MS-17 was attached to the Mini Poysk research module at the Russian space station. The automatic connection took place at 20.59. EDT (July 2 at 0059 GMT).

Robert Perman is a journalist and space historian.

His original site, Ask a Astronaut, predates NASA’s efforts to connect society with men and women in space. Later, as director of the National Space Society’s online program, Perelman spearheaded the redesign and expansion of the organization’s resources and website, including the Tom Hanks Award – winning Tom Hanks mini-series, From Earth to the Moon.

Perelman was commissioned by Buzz Aldrin, who created the first Apollo astronaut site in 1997. And in 1999. Pearlman founded, which was certified by astronauts, and was later acquired by has hired Perelman to manage the site’s community projects.

Perelman was the live host of the 1998-2003 National Space Day, filmed live at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

1996 Space Adventures hires Perelman as first marketing and publisher.

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Today, Perelman is the editor Space collection.

Perelman is the author of, serves on the leadership board of For All Moonkide, is a member of the Historical Committee of the American Astronautics Association and a Mars generation consultant.

Is the co-author of the bookSpace stations: art, science, and reality in space artPublished October 30, 2018 Smithsonian Books.

In 2013, he worked as a technical advisor. In 2018 with Meera Sorwin, Danny Glover and Damien Chasselle in Astronauts. First Man with Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy. He also served as the historical advisor on Todd Douglas Miller’s documentary Apollo 11. For the year 2019.

Perelman also appeared as a commentator:

  • Strange Tradition (Fox Business Network)
  • American Revival Institute (History Channel)
  • “American Pickers” (“The History Channel”)
  • Museum Secrets (Travel Channel)
  • The story of Brad Meltzer (H2) is lost
  • Ancient Aliens (History Channel)
  • NASA Unspecified Files (Science Channel)

Previously, Perelman served on the boards of directors of the National Aviation and Space Association and the US Space Hall of Fame Foundation. She is also the former National Chair of Space Research Development Students.

2001 2001 Pearlman of the Year Award from the Universal Autograph Collectors’ Club (UACC).

2009 Perelman is inducted into the Space Camp Hall of Fame.

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